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Soulja Boy… how dare you?

The relevancy of this topic is shamefully very important. I think we all know how wide Soulja Boy’s fan base has grown since entering the music industry. He has mastered his art and has cultivated many age groups. Sadly, he is still a kid. Over the past 24hrs, Soulja Boy has been a big conversation starter on Twitter. Not to mention the 29th most Google searched in the past hour. Why you might ask?

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Soulja Boy and Kat Stacks

Well allegedly, Soulja Boy was in his hotel with Kat Stacks (the new Karrine Stephens) and he is suspected to be doing drugs.  Kat Stacks had been pretending to text on her cell phone but was recording everything that was going down. At this point, there is hard evidence. (I would post the link to the video but I would prefer to keep my blog a little classy.) You can find in on World Star Hip Hop.

As a public relations professional Soulja Boy doing drugs is important but it is not the biggest issue in my opinion. Mainly, it is who he is associating himself with.  Lets be honest here, Kat Stacks?!  She is know for this type of behavior. Behavior, meaning setting people up to ruin their reputation.

I always say people should be responsible for their actions. It is safe to say celebrities need babysitters because they always seem to lose common sense with the gain of money. In this case, its not what a public relations professional can do to fix it, its what they should have been doing before it happened. Celebrities really need to start thinking about their support teams (I think I have said this before)… Someone needs to guide these people in the right direction, or they are going to continue to put themselves in situations that result in scrutiny.

Lesson of the day: get a babysitter… (seriously)..

My perception is simple:  Kat Stacks has evidence. It sad, but its probably true. Sorry Soulja Boy fans.  Please feel free to post your perception.


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