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Perfect PR cont’d.

I decided to write a follow up on perfect PR. I wanted to make sure I clarified my meaning of perfect PR.  I do not want to seem to be contradicting.

Yesterday in my blog about GaGa, I said I believe there is good public relations, bad public relations and I explained GaGa as perfect PR. Perfect PR is a simple concept. If it isn’t broken, do not fix it. I know this is something we have all heard before. Perfect public relations is as simple as that. If everyone loves it, and you are getting nothing but great response from it, then why change it.

There are not many ways GaGa could become a victim of bad PR unless she turns Lindsay Lohan on us and that my friends, needs a completely new name for public relations. When celebrities begin getting in repeated trouble like Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane (rapper) and Lindsay Lohan they do not have a good team supporting them. They are making decisions on their own, and they do not have a team reminding them they are not normal people.

The lesson here is simple:



When we try to fix things (things that are not in need of a fix) and/or make them different, people start responding to you how more and more people are responding to Beyonce (sick and tired… move on to parenthood). In actuality, the only change our country has accepted in over 50 years was President Obama. We cannot get too comfortable.

How to obtain perfect PR:

Get a team who feels strongly about your success. You are who you hang around with. When you are in that type of career, people are envious and they do not want to see you succeed so having a positive team around you will keep you out of situations you should not be involved in. No one ever said there is anything wrong with publicity. In fact, publicity shows you are doing something correctly because people care about what is going on in your life. The problems begin when you are constantly in the media for stupid mistakes.

If you do not have a publicist. GET ONE. In fact, you can hire me! (haha. thought I throw that out there!) Make sure they know what they are doing. There are a lot of college graduates out here striving to be the help you need. The information is fresh in their minds, and they are hungry to start a career.


I hope this helps in understanding my perception of perfect public relations.

comment.. please! Everything on my blog is my perception of  the reality of the entertainment world. You are free to agree or disagree but let me know what you think 🙂