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Its been a long time… but I am not going to complain because I needed a summer break from writing. Summer classes went well and moving into my new apartment has been awesome. I wanted to write this brief  to ensure none of my followers have forgotten about me. I want to thank everyone who has been following my post and giving feedback. I appreciate you! Now the time has come where I will put my foot back in the quick sand to address my perception of the things going on in “Hollywood.”

I would love to hear what you all would like me to write about as well.. .Thanks soo much for the love and support. Just remember, when I address issues, its my perception and you are free to agree of disagree.. 🙂

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Perfect PR cont’d.

I decided to write a follow up on perfect PR. I wanted to make sure I clarified my meaning of perfect PR.  I do not want to seem to be contradicting.

Yesterday in my blog about GaGa, I said I believe there is good public relations, bad public relations and I explained GaGa as perfect PR. Perfect PR is a simple concept. If it isn’t broken, do not fix it. I know this is something we have all heard before. Perfect public relations is as simple as that. If everyone loves it, and you are getting nothing but great response from it, then why change it.

There are not many ways GaGa could become a victim of bad PR unless she turns Lindsay Lohan on us and that my friends, needs a completely new name for public relations. When celebrities begin getting in repeated trouble like Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane (rapper) and Lindsay Lohan they do not have a good team supporting them. They are making decisions on their own, and they do not have a team reminding them they are not normal people.

The lesson here is simple:



When we try to fix things (things that are not in need of a fix) and/or make them different, people start responding to you how more and more people are responding to Beyonce (sick and tired… move on to parenthood). In actuality, the only change our country has accepted in over 50 years was President Obama. We cannot get too comfortable.

How to obtain perfect PR:

Get a team who feels strongly about your success. You are who you hang around with. When you are in that type of career, people are envious and they do not want to see you succeed so having a positive team around you will keep you out of situations you should not be involved in. No one ever said there is anything wrong with publicity. In fact, publicity shows you are doing something correctly because people care about what is going on in your life. The problems begin when you are constantly in the media for stupid mistakes.

If you do not have a publicist. GET ONE. In fact, you can hire me! (haha. thought I throw that out there!) Make sure they know what they are doing. There are a lot of college graduates out here striving to be the help you need. The information is fresh in their minds, and they are hungry to start a career.


I hope this helps in understanding my perception of perfect public relations.

comment.. please! Everything on my blog is my perception of  the reality of the entertainment world. You are free to agree or disagree but let me know what you think 🙂


LEBRON, please?

Lebron James

King of Cleveland? source: Google images

Tonight the Lebron moment on ESPN will be the biggest moment of the summer. It will be truly unfortunate for King James to leave Cleveland for both the player and the city. The all-star one of a kind player had made himself a name and a team in Cleveland. He has gained the highest fan base and  over 200,000 followers on Twitter in one day. Lebron has been the primary conversation on my timeline for the past two weeks. Sadly, No one knows what Lebron will do and all we have been doing is speculating.

For PR and marketing professionals, common sense says LEBRON IS LEAVING (some angry Cleveland native screaming in my face). Before, I was blind sided, it was all a mystery until he gave into Twitter. Twitter is the best unconscious subliminal message of our time but I am afraid that no one has really grasped this concept just yet.

Today ESPN posted a video from “Mike Moment: Sleep on It”. Mike and Mike discussed his decision and how he definitely needed to sleep on it. Why this is a PR nightmare, Aaron Goldhammer from ESPN 850 KNR in Cleveland put it in the simplest terms on ESPN radio.

If he goes, the last game he played in Cleveland was game 5 one of the worse games of his  entire career. He goes out a loser having not delivered Cleveland the championship and then he does it really making a fool of his hometown on national television.

Lebron is breaking up with the Cavs like someone’s ex would do on Facebook. Why not just sent out an electronic press release for reporter’s to write a story on?

What this means for Cleveland

It’s more than just the money Cleveland can offer him. James has not lived anywhere else. He is a 25-year-old billionaire and has been in Ohio his entire life. Let’s face it, Lebron is not concerned about the money he is making. He wants a title. Unfortunately, he can not do that with the inconsistent performances of the Cavaliers. Lebron would not be investing all of his time and money into PR and marketing if he were not leaving. The also means a possible riot for the city of Cleveland tonight. We Ohioans are very familiar with sports riots right? We have the best football fans in the nation (Ohio State fans that is). Lebron’s fan base in Ohio alone is going to decrease sufficiently, and hopefully a riot does not prove my hypothesis.

What this means for Lebron

It is cowardly for you to leave Cleveland in this manner. You will never establish the fan base you have in Ohio. Going on national television to announce you’re a “quitter” is an embarrassment to your self and your city. In Cleveland you are King James, who would want to lose that title? You will never go to a team and rule that team. If you chose Miami, that is Dwayne Wade’s team in factuality. Yet, no one can control your decision. As a PR professional, I would ensure you that making this move is not a good decision. Why not go down in history for being the man who made a team, and led your team to victory. Over the past few years, you have shown that you are nothing but dedication to your community and the Cavaliers. You are a team player and that is why you have been MVP for consecutive seasons. Don’t let your fans down PLEASE!

My perception is simple… LEBRON IS ADIOS AMIGOS. Twitter is the most subliminal message in life. His subliminal message says “Hi, my name is  Lebron and I decided to make a Twitter account out of the clear blue sky, Ironic right (question to self)? Do i agree with his decision HELL NO (I am kind of angry. lol.) That is something like me turning down the opportunity to win a Noble Peace Prize. I would never allow anyway to take that away from me. At the end of the day, life is about credibility. Lebron’s credibility will be shot to death if he decides to leave. He has too much to lose in Cleveland honestly. James, get your own title here is Cleveland. The feeling will be so much more achieving. With that being said, I am a Lebron James fan. Wherever he goes I follow. Sorry Cleveland natives, I might just be considered a trader but I was never into the Cavaliers before Lebron came and I probably will not be after. #supersadface 😦 Hopefully he proves us all wrong and stays.

Check out another blogger talking about King James PRactice [makes perfect]  “The Ignorant Decision” for another insight on the PR nightmare. Feel free to comment :).


Tears for Michael?

After the 2010 BET Michael Jackson tribute, America better give the man another chance. Sunday marked the 10th anniversary of the BET music awards. There was an umbrella of performances from the opening act being Kanye West, performance from Alicia Keys, Usher, Dirty Money but most importantly CHRIS BROWN (ahhh America screams…).

2010 MJ Tribute

After a long awaited year, Chris Brown was graced with the opportunity to step on a big stage again to be scrutinized. The fact of Chris Brown idolizing Michael Jackson for nearly all of his life was vastly irrelevant to some celebrity critics. Only a few months before the BET awards last year, Chris Brown was involved in an altercation with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. A little over a week before the award show, tradegy struck the world when Michael Jackson died at the very young age of 50. Chris brown’s talent and love for Jackson could have captivated the entire world if he was granted the opportunity to perform a tribute performance last year, but he was unable to. Beyonce’ and Jay-Z threatened that if Brown performed, they would not attend the show. Well lone and behold, Chris Brown performed Jackson’s one year anniversary tribute and guess who was not in attendance at the award show? So in the case of “Tears for Michael?” we have two possible PR stunts.

But before we continue, those who have not seen the performance take a look.

1. Was Sunday’s event (Chris Brown’s tear) a typical PR stunt? (Chris Brown: “I will win America back if I cry like a baby during my come back.”)

Tears during performance

It would be very irrational if I were to assume that Chris Brown was a big faker, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  Were his tears a combination of sorrow and happiness? That is very possible. Everything could be a considered a PR stunt and as PR professionals, we cannot put anything past anyone. Him crying, better yet him performing could both be reasons for scrutiny. So for those heartless people, is it possible to fake those tears just for good press?

2. Beyonce’ and Jay-Z, where art thou?

"Hollywood's Power Couple"

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Its mind boggling that America’s “power couple” were boycotting the award show after both having a successful music year. One can only assume they were not there because of Chris Brown’s performance. This creates negative press. Why on Earth would they not be there? Only reason I can think is because they absolutely do not support Chris Brown since the Rihanna incident. I think it is important to chose your battles wisely and at the end of the day this situation has nothing to do with Beyonce’ and Jay-Z. If they don’t support him, so what! Move on! I wouldn’t have missed getting any of my own awards for something so petty.

My perception is simple.. Mind your damn (sorry it just fits) business. As a PR professional I would make sure all my clients worry about themselves. The more effort you put into something that has nothing to do with you, the more you have to deal with being scrutinized.

And to answer the question.. I honestly believe those were tears for Michael. The man was crying.. like seriously crying and those were real tears. Chris Brown and I rekindled our “fanmanship” when he released his first single Crawl after the incident.  His talent is commanding. In reality, if I am being forgiven for my sins every day, he can too.

Give the man a chance.

What is your perception?

Pls. comment.. 🙂