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Soulja Boy… how dare you?

The relevancy of this topic is shamefully very important. I think we all know how wide Soulja Boy’s fan base has grown since entering the music industry. He has mastered his art and has cultivated many age groups. Sadly, he is still a kid. Over the past 24hrs, Soulja Boy has been a big conversation starter on Twitter. Not to mention the 29th most Google searched in the past hour. Why you might ask?

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Soulja Boy and Kat Stacks

Well allegedly, Soulja Boy was in his hotel with Kat Stacks (the new Karrine Stephens) and he is suspected to be doing drugs.  Kat Stacks had been pretending to text on her cell phone but was recording everything that was going down. At this point, there is hard evidence. (I would post the link to the video but I would prefer to keep my blog a little classy.) You can find in on World Star Hip Hop.

As a public relations professional Soulja Boy doing drugs is important but it is not the biggest issue in my opinion. Mainly, it is who he is associating himself with.  Lets be honest here, Kat Stacks?!  She is know for this type of behavior. Behavior, meaning setting people up to ruin their reputation.

I always say people should be responsible for their actions. It is safe to say celebrities need babysitters because they always seem to lose common sense with the gain of money. In this case, its not what a public relations professional can do to fix it, its what they should have been doing before it happened. Celebrities really need to start thinking about their support teams (I think I have said this before)… Someone needs to guide these people in the right direction, or they are going to continue to put themselves in situations that result in scrutiny.

Lesson of the day: get a babysitter… (seriously)..

My perception is simple:  Kat Stacks has evidence. It sad, but its probably true. Sorry Soulja Boy fans.  Please feel free to post your perception.


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Perfect PR cont’d.

I decided to write a follow up on perfect PR. I wanted to make sure I clarified my meaning of perfect PR.  I do not want to seem to be contradicting.

Yesterday in my blog about GaGa, I said I believe there is good public relations, bad public relations and I explained GaGa as perfect PR. Perfect PR is a simple concept. If it isn’t broken, do not fix it. I know this is something we have all heard before. Perfect public relations is as simple as that. If everyone loves it, and you are getting nothing but great response from it, then why change it.

There are not many ways GaGa could become a victim of bad PR unless she turns Lindsay Lohan on us and that my friends, needs a completely new name for public relations. When celebrities begin getting in repeated trouble like Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane (rapper) and Lindsay Lohan they do not have a good team supporting them. They are making decisions on their own, and they do not have a team reminding them they are not normal people.

The lesson here is simple:



When we try to fix things (things that are not in need of a fix) and/or make them different, people start responding to you how more and more people are responding to Beyonce (sick and tired… move on to parenthood). In actuality, the only change our country has accepted in over 50 years was President Obama. We cannot get too comfortable.

How to obtain perfect PR:

Get a team who feels strongly about your success. You are who you hang around with. When you are in that type of career, people are envious and they do not want to see you succeed so having a positive team around you will keep you out of situations you should not be involved in. No one ever said there is anything wrong with publicity. In fact, publicity shows you are doing something correctly because people care about what is going on in your life. The problems begin when you are constantly in the media for stupid mistakes.

If you do not have a publicist. GET ONE. In fact, you can hire me! (haha. thought I throw that out there!) Make sure they know what they are doing. There are a lot of college graduates out here striving to be the help you need. The information is fresh in their minds, and they are hungry to start a career.


I hope this helps in understanding my perception of perfect public relations.

comment.. please! Everything on my blog is my perception of  the reality of the entertainment world. You are free to agree or disagree but let me know what you think 🙂


Why GaGa is perfect PR..

la la oh la la welcome to romance… I absolutely love that song, along with all of her other popular songs. Lady GaGa is definitely one of a kind but is it real? Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, she claims she was born to fame. She finds ways to stand out that no other celebrity has ever done (not even the early Madonna). From outrageous wardrobe, to unexcused gestures and the need to do a say whatever comes to mind. She has cultivated such a large audience and for all of you who think she is a complete weirdo, he has one of the largest fan bases throughout the World.

Lady GaGa source:google images

Unlike many celebrities, Lady GaGa did all she could do to become famous. She performed at every club in New York just to build a brand, her own brand. GaGa has played off her idol David Bowie’s success and seems to mimic his costumes and his rock glam.One large way GaGa has gained her fans is from her constant need to address sexuality and freedom. These are two thing we love, especially sexuality. It is like the framework of our country.

So is Lady GaGa the ultimate PR stunt?

I believe there is good PR and bad PR. GaGa (in my opinion) is perfect PR. She and her team work very hard to make it very believable. IT WORKS COMPLETELY. Lady GaGa stays a public image and its never for complete outlandish reasons. Her outrageousness is a sign of expression and she continuously proves herself to be a real role model. Real meaning, struggled to get where she is today, tried things she probably shouldn’t have, followed her dreams and is now telling her story of how she did it.

My perception is simple. GaGa is successful in public relations, because she stays a public image and does it well. She has no problem with transparency. Its easy for her and I think she has realized the truth will set you free. If you all haven’t noticed, I feel strongly about telling the truth. In the end, honesty is important. GaGa just did an interview with Neil Strauss for Rolling Stone Magazine, and he quoted something from GaGa which only confirms my opinions of her. She said:

Music is a lie, Art is a lie. You have to tell a lie that is so wonderful that your fans make it true.

Pls comment.. I would love to hear what you think 🙂


Skittles… Huh?

Chad OchoCinco

Ochocinco source:Google Images

So I have had an interesting week in the world of social media. I have found that if you tweet celebrities and offend them, they are more than likely going to respond to your tweets (it happened to me twice within 24 hours).  One of the more interesting celebrity mentions was to Chad Ochocinco. I was tuned in to VH1 watching his new reality television show “The Ultimate Catch.” From Twitter alone, I have witnessed a lot of controversy about the amount of minority women picked to be on the show so I decided to check out Ochocinco’s Twitter page. Within the first few post of his page, I see a link titled “For those who I’ve offended, this is for you.”  The link directed me to Ochocinco’s blog where he is blogging about the show.

Ochocinco  attempts to start the post “My Johnson doesn’t live in a box”  with a little comic relieve, he might call it:

Imagine if I bought a bag of skittles and only ate the green ones.  That would be a waste of a bag of skittles.  I’m gonna eat ’em all.  Romance doesn’t fit in a box, and neither does my Johnson.  Ok, all kidding aside, my new reality show is about having fun, meeting women and hopefully finding that ultimate catch, whatever race, creed or color she might be.

He continues…

As a kid growing up, I developed a strong sense of self-worth from the incredible women in my life, all of whom were black.  I am the man who I am today because of black women, and I am forever grateful for the values and strength they instilled in me.  With all that being said, I was surprised by all of hate that I got from the decisions that were made on the first episode of my reality show Sunday night.  The next day, when I went on twitter and saw a lot people talking about how I didn’t pick enough black women or how they weren’t cute or I picked them all at the end…it made my stomach turn.   Look….if my mama and my grandmama, the two women who raised me, ain’t got a problem with the women I choose in life, no matter what race they are, then it shouldn’t be a problem to anyone.  Bottom line is that I love black women.  I got four beautiful children and their mother is black.

Why is this a PR problem? You might ask:

Well, no celebrity is going to issue a statement about a situation they believe will not jeopardize their public image.  Ochocinco probably felt so many people were commenting on the situation and he needed to address it.

Quite frankly, I was not convinced and decided to dig a little deeper. I took it upon myself to address the situation. The Twitter conversation (let’s not get beside ourselves, it was not nearly a conversation. haha.) went as follows:

knicol3: @OGOchoCinco nice PR stunt, but just because you blogged about your love for black women, im not convinced. lol.

OGOchoCinco:@knicol3 so

knicol3: @OGOchoCinco so what I am saying is.. if you there isn’t a problem, why take the public relations tactic and respond to the claims?

Of course he did not reply.  But please allow me to clear the air. I do not want this post to seem opinion based. The purpose of my asking the question I did was to address one simple professional proposition. Chad felt the need to make a post on the claims because there is an obvious problem. If Jason Mesnick from the Bachelor chose majority minority women to be apart of his cast, there would be a lot of eyebrows raised. It’s typical, especially in our society.

My issue with the Skittles man himself:

I believe Ochocinco said what he wanted everyone to hear. “Of course I love black women, how else would I be here today.” I would have probably said the same thing without a background in public relations. He has said numerous times on his Twitter page that he enjoys controversy.  This automatically sends a light bulb to my head. hmmmm. Controversy, what better way to be in the media than to stir up some racial issues. Right?

My perception is simple. If Ochocinco claims he enjoys controversy so much, why did he fail to answer my professional question?  Sounds a bit shady to me. As PR professionals we learn that transparency is most important when addressing an audience. Ochocinco should just be real about the situation. There is nothing wrong with preference.  Yes, your public image may be a little shot, but leave that to the cowards of our society. In the end, you will be so much more respected for being honest. Honesty makes a credible man.

Please tell me what you think 🙂

for more opinions on the situation, check out others writing on the situation.

Thanks for reading.. -knicol3

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