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Did you miss me?

Its been a long time… but I am not going to complain because I needed a summer break from writing. Summer classes went well and moving into my new apartment has been awesome. I wanted to write this brief  to ensure none of my followers have forgotten about me. I want to thank everyone who has been following my post and giving feedback. I appreciate you! Now the time has come where I will put my foot back in the quick sand to address my perception of the things going on in “Hollywood.”

I would love to hear what you all would like me to write about as well.. .Thanks soo much for the love and support. Just remember, when I address issues, its my perception and you are free to agree of disagree.. 🙂

lots of love,



One response

  1. JaMe'z Aloha

    Hello There – Glad to see the update as I love reading from someone else’s perspective. Looking forward to the new posts to come!

    August 25, 2010 at 5:02 pm

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