A public relations look behind the glitz and the glam

Why GaGa is perfect PR..

la la oh la la welcome to romance… I absolutely love that song, along with all of her other popular songs. Lady GaGa is definitely one of a kind but is it real? Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, she claims she was born to fame. She finds ways to stand out that no other celebrity has ever done (not even the early Madonna). From outrageous wardrobe, to unexcused gestures and the need to do a say whatever comes to mind. She has cultivated such a large audience and for all of you who think she is a complete weirdo, he has one of the largest fan bases throughout the World.

Lady GaGa source:google images

Unlike many celebrities, Lady GaGa did all she could do to become famous. She performed at every club in New York just to build a brand, her own brand. GaGa has played off her idol David Bowie’s success and seems to mimic his costumes and his rock glam.One large way GaGa has gained her fans is from her constant need to address sexuality and freedom. These are two thing we love, especially sexuality. It is like the framework of our country.

So is Lady GaGa the ultimate PR stunt?

I believe there is good PR and bad PR. GaGa (in my opinion) is perfect PR. She and her team work very hard to make it very believable. IT WORKS COMPLETELY. Lady GaGa stays a public image and its never for complete outlandish reasons. Her outrageousness is a sign of expression and she continuously proves herself to be a real role model. Real meaning, struggled to get where she is today, tried things she probably shouldn’t have, followed her dreams and is now telling her story of how she did it.

My perception is simple. GaGa is successful in public relations, because she stays a public image and does it well. She has no problem with transparency. Its easy for her and I think she has realized the truth will set you free. If you all haven’t noticed, I feel strongly about telling the truth. In the end, honesty is important. GaGa just did an interview with Neil Strauss for Rolling Stone Magazine, and he quoted something from GaGa which only confirms my opinions of her. She said:

Music is a lie, Art is a lie. You have to tell a lie that is so wonderful that your fans make it true.

Pls comment.. I would love to hear what you think 🙂



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